Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday is for the Insane

Yep. This year I chose to actually venture out and take a big ol' bite of Black Friday. Fact. I have never gone black Friday shopping before, at least, not for real. I think there was one day that I realized I was shopping on black Friday, but I was just buying some random miscellaneous items that no one could care about. Possibly milk or makeup. Either way... Not epic.
So my friend says, Caroline, come black Friday shopping with me! Naturally, I said yes. I have a massive crush on this friend boy. So together we stood outside in the cold from 3:40--5:00 a.m. My little feet didn't stand a chance in my thin canvas vans. My legs were shivering violently, trying to get any sort of friction to start warming them up. No worries. I was one of the first 100!! So I got $20 to use Saturday. I actually just got back from using it. Hooray for wool socks and scarf.
Anyways. Black Friday. Truly a day for the insane.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sleeping Isn't Necessary

I am getting ready for the Harry Potter premiere tonight by sleeping now. I am so lucky, and I get to work from 2 am--10 am. Some people would call me crazy. Some people would call the people that go watch Harry Potter at 3 am crazy. I would like to state that this is all for a very good cause, seeing as Harry Potter is amazing (please see previous blogs dedicated to by favorite Englishman, Harry Potter).
IWA is going along just like a champ! I am absolutely loving everything that comes with that calling. Plus... There is the IWA dance tomorrow! The theme is Candyland or something like that. My date and I are going to be gingerbread men. Ha. I am so stoked! Really, I am quite excited. I'm going with a kid I really like, and I am getting two meals for $6! Sweet. Church organizations really are the bomb.
Thanksgiving is next week, and I couldn't be more excited. I get to hang out with my family!! Maybe we will dress up like we did last year... Or maybe we'll try being presentable. Eh. I don't know!!