Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Job, A Design, and A Plan??

Well, I definitely lied about the plan, but other than that I speak truth. I got a job at The Westate theatres in Logan. I work concessions and spend hours on end dishing popcorn to people who I believe to be salt and butter deprived. I'm pretty good at it. I did mess up one day though. I had just refilled a man's large popcorn tub, extra butter. I set it on the counter and then threw it at him. Yep. So awkward. My manager saw and he didn't even yell at me. I just refilled the guys popcorn and together we laughed about it. I made a fifty year old friend that day. Working at a movie theatre is really weird, because you go, go, go, go. And then you wait for a couple hours until you go, go, go again. I would like to put my emotions into one little picture.

Thanks random kid!

I am also designing the costumes for a show at USU next fall. And, this is a pretty big deal. A real life main stage show. It is crazy. Somedays I feel very overwhelmed, but it's going to totally be worth it. Nancy Hills, bless her freaking heart, has been so nice to help me really take the time to do the process correctly. So, the show is called The Cripple of Inishmaan. It is a dark comedy, and I enjoy it. It takes place on the Aran Islands and uses a lot of Irish comedy. It's quite the adventure to work on. If anyone has any books on clothing worn in Ireland during the 1930s, let me know, and I will make you cookies.

School ends in a couple of weeks. Crazy town! Somedays I wish it were sooner, but I am glad that I have a little bit of time to compose myself. I have really enjoyed this semester a lot. I am currently taking playscript analysis, costume design, billiards, and pattern drafting. I am also taking life science, but I don't like it. Yesterday my teacher spelled sick wrong, and she had me taste some paper which I couldn't taste. All I learned was that I shouldn't eat random plants in the wilderness because I won't be able to taste their poison and I will die, or get sicke. Whichever happens first.