Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Friends. The real kind.

Today. Right this moment as I am moving my somewhat chunky and man style fingers across the keys on my lappytop I am realizing how great the real kinds of friends are in my life. Like the ones that come back to your apartment to help you clean it out, even though it's midnight. The friends that drive you to concerts. The friends that drive you home, then help take another friend to their home even when it's going to cut into some necessary sleeping time. Haha. Really that was Ross... And so I had to put on this sweet picture ; ) The friends that are really actually your siblings. That is always weird to find out.
Mostly, I have one friend who has been on my mind like crazy!! It's so weird to think that time could actually go by when we aren't on speaking terms. I would say sorry... but I have been forbidden to ever say sorry to this certain character again, which definitely assures me that all is well. Anyways. Friends are good. The world needs them. School is starting. I am super excited to make new friends. Keep old ones, maybe.

Monday, August 9, 2010

When Life Changes

Tonight I had a beautiful experience. It was a long and awesome night. I probably met my husband, but that is not what is important. What is important is realizing the worth of a human soul. Bodies are flesh and bones that house a spirit. I'm going to take a guess and say that judging people on the outside is a bad idea... Wow. Thank goodness that never sunk in until today. Twenty years after I was born into this world and I finally realized that everyone has feelings. Why do people not care enough to say hi and make someone feel welcome? You don't have to marry them.
Tonight my life changed. I'm excited to be a new person.

This is me and Tom!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Time is Always Fine

HOLY HOPPING LIZARDS!! I went cliff jumping yesterday. Let me tell you what. Standing on top of a cliff and looking at the water that was about 30 ft. below me was terrifying and exhilirating. My heart was beating so fast. I didn't know what to do. I am lucky to have patient friends that went before me and then one kind gentleman be patient enough to jump again so I could actually figure it out. As I was looking down, I started to freak out. People jump off cliffs, or buildings, or bridges to kill themselves. I couldn't understand it! But once I built up the courage to jump and pushed off of the rocks I realized falling through the air gives a lot of time to think, and no time to turn back. I hit the water and was so exhilarated by it all. Awesome. I loved every moment of it! Some of my friends took a 50 ft. cliff. Holy cats. They are brave souls. Or stupid. I haven't decided yet.
Other than that I have been playing with new friends and keeping track of old ones! Definitely important. A couple of weeks ago I started talking to this kid that I had lost touch with. We talked for about ten or eleven hours in two days. And then he tried to drive away and had no gas. So hilarious. And I was also lucky enough to drive to Salt Lake with an acquaintance and now I will consider us grand friends.
I went home for Sunday dinner and the truck overheated or something... and it was terrifying. Thank goodness for good friends who like driving and have cars :)
This has been a good week!