Thursday, December 9, 2010

Running in Circles

I suddenly feel like I am running in circles. And, it's not like I am running laps and getting fit, but I am running ridiculous circles of all different sizes, and while I am on track and close to finishing I realize I have to jump of two tracks and start again on that circle. In and out I continue to weave, dealing with family, school, fake boyfriends, stressed roommates, work, costume shop, opening a show, finals, building a stupid hat, weddings, and dealing with the continual cringing feeling I get every time I hear sirens go by.
It is quite dreary and cold outside. I love it. I love Christmas, and I am so glad to be able to remember my Savior this time of year. In high school, my BFF Emma and I went to the good ol' Salt Lake City. How fancy that we would be able to find this amazing dress up spot in the Joseph Smith Museum?! It was definitely summer when this was taken.
If you are going to be in Brigham or Logan over the break let me know. I will be living back and forth and want to party like it's 1983. I am sure lots of people loved partying then :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday is for the Insane

Yep. This year I chose to actually venture out and take a big ol' bite of Black Friday. Fact. I have never gone black Friday shopping before, at least, not for real. I think there was one day that I realized I was shopping on black Friday, but I was just buying some random miscellaneous items that no one could care about. Possibly milk or makeup. Either way... Not epic.
So my friend says, Caroline, come black Friday shopping with me! Naturally, I said yes. I have a massive crush on this friend boy. So together we stood outside in the cold from 3:40--5:00 a.m. My little feet didn't stand a chance in my thin canvas vans. My legs were shivering violently, trying to get any sort of friction to start warming them up. No worries. I was one of the first 100!! So I got $20 to use Saturday. I actually just got back from using it. Hooray for wool socks and scarf.
Anyways. Black Friday. Truly a day for the insane.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sleeping Isn't Necessary

I am getting ready for the Harry Potter premiere tonight by sleeping now. I am so lucky, and I get to work from 2 am--10 am. Some people would call me crazy. Some people would call the people that go watch Harry Potter at 3 am crazy. I would like to state that this is all for a very good cause, seeing as Harry Potter is amazing (please see previous blogs dedicated to by favorite Englishman, Harry Potter).
IWA is going along just like a champ! I am absolutely loving everything that comes with that calling. Plus... There is the IWA dance tomorrow! The theme is Candyland or something like that. My date and I are going to be gingerbread men. Ha. I am so stoked! Really, I am quite excited. I'm going with a kid I really like, and I am getting two meals for $6! Sweet. Church organizations really are the bomb.
Thanksgiving is next week, and I couldn't be more excited. I get to hang out with my family!! Maybe we will dress up like we did last year... Or maybe we'll try being presentable. Eh. I don't know!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Help!! I'm in Helper!!

I am currently in Helper, UT running costumes for The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. We are touring here to help create a strong bond between USU and the newly formed USU East, or USU CEU. Very exciting. The most exciting part of this trip is that I am actually currently staying in what one used to be a brothel. Thank goodness my parents raised me right and so I had no idea what this actually was. Luckily I have a dictionary and thesaurus on my laptop. It's basically a place where men can visit prostitutes; a whorehouse, massage parlor, cathouse. My little computer is helping me become versed in the world. Awesome.
Also. The show that I am designing costumes for opens on Thursday!! It is very exciting, and will be this amazing weight off of my shoulders. I can't wait to see an actual achieved design on stage. For anyone interested in coming, which you don't have to come... I won't be hurt, the show takes place in Ireland and they have Irish accents. They also swear a lot. A lot. And it is a black comedy. But, I believe understanding the Irish will make the play better because you can understand why things are the way they are. Just in case anyone is interested.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I love Harry Potter.

Fact. Harry Potter is the most fabulous fictional character in all of time. So fabulous that I have chosen to believe he is a real person, just hanging out with his hott wife Ginny, kicking it in the UK. Another fact. J.K. Rowling made roughly £510,000,000, or $1,000,000,000. And that's from roughly 400 million copies sold. WHAT?? So, if Harry Potter is so awesome, why don't more guys try to be like him?? I would be all over that. Someone who is hot headed and arrogant, but always fights for what is right and just. Someone who is a completely sincere friend. Someone that is willing to achieve what he has always wanted to, like defeating Voldemort. Someone with real plans and magical powers. Not to mention how sheepish and awkward he gets when he is around the girls he likes. So awesome. Now, I am pretty sure if I could find someone like that... someone willing to take me out to ice cream and then a nice walk on up to the owl tower. That would be really nice.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stress: The best weight loss program.

The Cripple of Inishmaan opens quite soon. I am, indeed, freaking out!! Luckily I have really great advisors and friends that not only help me focus on what I need to do, but also chill with me for the two hours a day that I am not at school.
A girl asked me if I have lost weight. I haven't checked because I am too lazy... but I think that stress is helping me out. Hooplah!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Friends. The real kind.

Today. Right this moment as I am moving my somewhat chunky and man style fingers across the keys on my lappytop I am realizing how great the real kinds of friends are in my life. Like the ones that come back to your apartment to help you clean it out, even though it's midnight. The friends that drive you to concerts. The friends that drive you home, then help take another friend to their home even when it's going to cut into some necessary sleeping time. Haha. Really that was Ross... And so I had to put on this sweet picture ; ) The friends that are really actually your siblings. That is always weird to find out.
Mostly, I have one friend who has been on my mind like crazy!! It's so weird to think that time could actually go by when we aren't on speaking terms. I would say sorry... but I have been forbidden to ever say sorry to this certain character again, which definitely assures me that all is well. Anyways. Friends are good. The world needs them. School is starting. I am super excited to make new friends. Keep old ones, maybe.

Monday, August 9, 2010

When Life Changes

Tonight I had a beautiful experience. It was a long and awesome night. I probably met my husband, but that is not what is important. What is important is realizing the worth of a human soul. Bodies are flesh and bones that house a spirit. I'm going to take a guess and say that judging people on the outside is a bad idea... Wow. Thank goodness that never sunk in until today. Twenty years after I was born into this world and I finally realized that everyone has feelings. Why do people not care enough to say hi and make someone feel welcome? You don't have to marry them.
Tonight my life changed. I'm excited to be a new person.

This is me and Tom!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Time is Always Fine

HOLY HOPPING LIZARDS!! I went cliff jumping yesterday. Let me tell you what. Standing on top of a cliff and looking at the water that was about 30 ft. below me was terrifying and exhilirating. My heart was beating so fast. I didn't know what to do. I am lucky to have patient friends that went before me and then one kind gentleman be patient enough to jump again so I could actually figure it out. As I was looking down, I started to freak out. People jump off cliffs, or buildings, or bridges to kill themselves. I couldn't understand it! But once I built up the courage to jump and pushed off of the rocks I realized falling through the air gives a lot of time to think, and no time to turn back. I hit the water and was so exhilarated by it all. Awesome. I loved every moment of it! Some of my friends took a 50 ft. cliff. Holy cats. They are brave souls. Or stupid. I haven't decided yet.
Other than that I have been playing with new friends and keeping track of old ones! Definitely important. A couple of weeks ago I started talking to this kid that I had lost touch with. We talked for about ten or eleven hours in two days. And then he tried to drive away and had no gas. So hilarious. And I was also lucky enough to drive to Salt Lake with an acquaintance and now I will consider us grand friends.
I went home for Sunday dinner and the truck overheated or something... and it was terrifying. Thank goodness for good friends who like driving and have cars :)
This has been a good week!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Beat Goes On

Hooplah! I am currently happy as a clam! A couple of weeks ago I was really burned out and struggling to stay alive, but after realizing that breathing is a simple activity that allows life, I have been able to focus and have a really good time with what I am doing.
All of the shows are running at the Lyric, which is awesome. Now I just pray for Blithe Spirit to run so I can get a break, lucky you Lindsay!! Thank goodness we are done building everything. I guess we're going to work on the Apprentice show next, which, technically speaking, should be pretty easy. Sometimes the apprentices do weird, unusual, and unhelpful things. Hopefully I can beat that out of them.
I would post a picture here of me doing something funny, but my camera is broken, so if anyone would like to donate any money to aid me in my search for documenting fun, please send any cash or check, made out to Caroline Kennedy, to my address. If you really want my address ask for it.
Life is good. I hope to hang out with Tom this weekend!! He's a literal rock star, so that's awesome.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Lyrics of my Summer

It's funny, because I am working for the Old Lyric Repetoire Theatre Company. Like... Lyrics. Ha. I feel very repetitive in saying that life is good and that I all I am doing this summer is living and working, but I do think that it is important for people to know that I am still alive, and that even though I don't have internet I am getting through it. Even now as I sit in the theatre's seminar room, it is quick to realize that trials make the heart stronger.
Side note. I love the Book of Mormon.
Over... AND OUT!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I HAVE NO INTERNET. My new apartment is really great, but I don't have the internet. The other rotten thing about my place is the air. I am very confident there is a dead woman under the floor boards. This confidence comes from the stank radiating around our apartment. Febreeze, furniture polish, cookies, candles, and other various scents cannot do anything for the smell that has settled in. Yep. Worst part is that I have become used to it. I don't even notice anymore. AH!
I am really excited for the summer in store. Plus, my broseph is getting married?! It will be a really awesome time. I am very stoked. But, I need to find a sweet dress to wear at the temple and wedding breakfast. Oh man. Shopping is the best.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Two Decades of Awesome

Well. It became official. On April 26, 2010 my 20th birthday was recognized. Never before have I felt so old. Yep. Two decades of my life have gone by me and I still remember the first day of kindergarten, having my brother's smash me to the ground on multiple occasions for many various reasons, and I remember the sweet essence of what a teenager is. It was really weird, I was getting ready that Monday morning starting out the next decade known as my twenties when I heard a song from the Little Mermaid come on. I sang that song when I was ten in a concert. I was freaked out at how fast time has gone by. My dad told me soon I'd be fifty. Umm... Yeah... In thirty years. Freaky.

Currently I feel like I am swimming in a raging river of doom. What makes this worse is the fact that I am swimming upstream, and not down it, therefore fighting with all I have to get through multiple things.

1. Finishing my final projects. I have been painting with stupid watercolors for the past five hours, and am not yet done. Ridiculous really.

2. Finish designing for The Cripple of Inishmaan. The cast list was posted yesterday, and although everyone told me how behind I have been... I really just noticed it and am starting to freak out.

3. My mom and dad gave me tools for my birthday. I feel like I have to build something... but I am not quite sure what... and it is adding a little bit of stress in my life.

4. Did I mention all of my finals are Monday?

Pressure and stress I know. Not to mention the fact that all of my close friends are so awesome at getting boyfriends and having them buy food, and give them rides, and be all awesome... So that sucks.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Job, A Design, and A Plan??

Well, I definitely lied about the plan, but other than that I speak truth. I got a job at The Westate theatres in Logan. I work concessions and spend hours on end dishing popcorn to people who I believe to be salt and butter deprived. I'm pretty good at it. I did mess up one day though. I had just refilled a man's large popcorn tub, extra butter. I set it on the counter and then threw it at him. Yep. So awkward. My manager saw and he didn't even yell at me. I just refilled the guys popcorn and together we laughed about it. I made a fifty year old friend that day. Working at a movie theatre is really weird, because you go, go, go, go. And then you wait for a couple hours until you go, go, go again. I would like to put my emotions into one little picture.

Thanks random kid!

I am also designing the costumes for a show at USU next fall. And, this is a pretty big deal. A real life main stage show. It is crazy. Somedays I feel very overwhelmed, but it's going to totally be worth it. Nancy Hills, bless her freaking heart, has been so nice to help me really take the time to do the process correctly. So, the show is called The Cripple of Inishmaan. It is a dark comedy, and I enjoy it. It takes place on the Aran Islands and uses a lot of Irish comedy. It's quite the adventure to work on. If anyone has any books on clothing worn in Ireland during the 1930s, let me know, and I will make you cookies.

School ends in a couple of weeks. Crazy town! Somedays I wish it were sooner, but I am glad that I have a little bit of time to compose myself. I have really enjoyed this semester a lot. I am currently taking playscript analysis, costume design, billiards, and pattern drafting. I am also taking life science, but I don't like it. Yesterday my teacher spelled sick wrong, and she had me taste some paper which I couldn't taste. All I learned was that I shouldn't eat random plants in the wilderness because I won't be able to taste their poison and I will die, or get sicke. Whichever happens first.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Art of Hanging

Indeed it can be said that the college years are the best years of someone's life, and I do not doubt that. I am enjoying school and everything I am doing, and yet, I feel as though I am left out. I've been watching Life on the Discovery Network and I wish that I was a meerkat. Those guys have fun and they keep it tight. If I could hang out like they do, I would! They watch out for each other, make sure that they learn basic skills, and eat scorpions. I am not saying that I want friends that eat scorpions, because maybe that is a bit crazy, but considerate friends are a necessity. My best friends live hours away or in my apartment... So I don't get out much. If I was a meerkate no one would even judge me for being at home all of the time. Perfection right?
So... How does one make people want to hang out with me? I already tried being awesome... but I failed...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Family Matters

My family matters. Definitely. Yet, I feel that I have quite a few families in this world.
My literal family is connected by DNA, flesh and bones, and some ridiculously good cooking courtesy the parental figures. Rachel had Prom, and I had the closing night of Bye Bye Birdie and so the whole family came up. I feel so blessed to live in a family that actually cares about what the other person is doing. When Rachel and her super hott date walked out for the promenade we screamed at the top of our lungs. Probably the loudest cheer all day. Thank goodness she looked so great and totally deserved all of the uproar.
Then we have my theatre family. The place where I live when I am not living at my house or apartment. I would like to emphasize my Birdie family. A family filled with tears and love. Here is a shout out to my best friends in the cast. A seventeen year old, a fifteen year old, a ten year old, and an eight year old. Odd that I could hang out with these people any day? I would have thought so too, but give my a tank of gas and I will head straight to Ogden and spend the day with these cool cats whenever I get the chance. Then I have my Utah State theatre family. Oh yes! My best friends in the world live here. I am excited to keep working and living up here for the summer.
Here is a shout out to my roommates! The girls that keep me going, and hear me rant and rave about politics, and are even my friends when I am sick or tired or riotous.
To my family of friends, my army, my rock, my fortress. Thanks for not leaving me behind on the worst ski day of my life. For coming to my shows. For giving me a ride home because you know we can talk for hours without listening to a drop of music. And most definitely for dressing up like superheros in celebrating our youth.

Monday, March 8, 2010


I have been the assistant costume designer for the USU production of Love's Labour's Lost. We went into dress on Thursday. Can you say freedom? Thus far I have done some homework, eaten food, and yes, watched movies with my roommates. It really is the simple things that make me super happy. Yet, I am kind of sad about not spending as much time in the costume shop. The costume shop is my favorite place to be. If I were told I had to be condemned to one spot forever it is very probable I would choose to spend eternity in this little costume shop I consider home. First. I have a great card game here that can keep me entertained for hours. Second. People come in and visit me all of the time. Third. People would probably be nice enough to get me food every once in awhile.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The World of Blogging...

Well, this is super exciting! This is my first blog ever... I never really thought that I would be doing this whole "blog" thing, but I am. Here is a big shout out to Tom and Heabre for the encouragement.