Thursday, May 13, 2010


I HAVE NO INTERNET. My new apartment is really great, but I don't have the internet. The other rotten thing about my place is the air. I am very confident there is a dead woman under the floor boards. This confidence comes from the stank radiating around our apartment. Febreeze, furniture polish, cookies, candles, and other various scents cannot do anything for the smell that has settled in. Yep. Worst part is that I have become used to it. I don't even notice anymore. AH!
I am really excited for the summer in store. Plus, my broseph is getting married?! It will be a really awesome time. I am very stoked. But, I need to find a sweet dress to wear at the temple and wedding breakfast. Oh man. Shopping is the best.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Two Decades of Awesome

Well. It became official. On April 26, 2010 my 20th birthday was recognized. Never before have I felt so old. Yep. Two decades of my life have gone by me and I still remember the first day of kindergarten, having my brother's smash me to the ground on multiple occasions for many various reasons, and I remember the sweet essence of what a teenager is. It was really weird, I was getting ready that Monday morning starting out the next decade known as my twenties when I heard a song from the Little Mermaid come on. I sang that song when I was ten in a concert. I was freaked out at how fast time has gone by. My dad told me soon I'd be fifty. Umm... Yeah... In thirty years. Freaky.

Currently I feel like I am swimming in a raging river of doom. What makes this worse is the fact that I am swimming upstream, and not down it, therefore fighting with all I have to get through multiple things.

1. Finishing my final projects. I have been painting with stupid watercolors for the past five hours, and am not yet done. Ridiculous really.

2. Finish designing for The Cripple of Inishmaan. The cast list was posted yesterday, and although everyone told me how behind I have been... I really just noticed it and am starting to freak out.

3. My mom and dad gave me tools for my birthday. I feel like I have to build something... but I am not quite sure what... and it is adding a little bit of stress in my life.

4. Did I mention all of my finals are Monday?

Pressure and stress I know. Not to mention the fact that all of my close friends are so awesome at getting boyfriends and having them buy food, and give them rides, and be all awesome... So that sucks.