Friday, November 18, 2011

Life is Good.

Man. That picture is so funny. Every time I look at it I will admit it makes me smile, which is good. Life is good. I have had so much going on, and I couldn't be happier with how my life is developing. The only sad thing about it is that I am becoming a grown up :(

Because I haven't blogged in awhile it is important for me to note the following things...

  1. I am an Ambassador for the Caine College of the Arts! Way cool. I have absolutely loved it, and I got 500 buckaroos! 
  2. I costume designed Logan High School's musical, Once Upon A Mattress. Huge stress in my life. No worries. It opens today and that huge weight it finally off of my shoulders. 
  3. I still work at the movie theatre. It is good, but somedays I just don't love it. Luckily there is an end in sight because... 
  4. I started my mission papers! I am planning on turning them in January 9, because I graduate May 4 and I just want to go right after that!! YAY!! 

My best friend has a girlfriend. BOO!! I don't love it. I am really happy for him, but now all we do is argue and then we don't talk... and it is booooring. I have great roommates though... so we hang out! I just really miss talking to this kid though. I had some random friend tell me that I would find someone else to talk to and I got really mad. I don't want to talk to someone else. I just want to talk to my best friend. We've gone through a lot together. The end.


I have been named as one of three Outstanding Senior for the Theatre Arts department. Holla! How exciting is that? Sometimes I think about it and it just makes my heart go pitter pat. I had to come up with a 50 word bio. I literally could not do it. I did get one down to 60... and so hopefully I don't get into too much trouble.

Watched Warren Miller with the parents last night. It was sooo good. I just love snow. It is currently snowing in Logan, and I love it. I love snow. Snow, snow, snow. I might have talked my mom into getting a season pass at the Beav with me, but who knows? I can go every Monday... So I think I might get a pass and become a total bum. Who needs good grades their last semester of school anyways?

I also have been selected to give a presentation at Thanksgiving Point to various 4H instructors and FACS teachers across the state. How did this happen? Who knows. I am nervous and very excited. I will be presenting to 150-ish people. That will be fun! They also will pay me for gas, which is cool because it then just becomes of free trip out of inversion ridden Logan. Yep. Life is good.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Freaking Terrifying.

Oh my gosh. Today a girl that just graduated high school asked me if I already had my degree. After I told her I wasn't going to graduate until Spring she followed up her first question with my new favorite question to get after that: What will you do afterwards? My first initial thought is to run away and live in my parents basement until they die and then I can take over the upstairs too!! Muahaha. A lot of people have been asking me lately what I think I am going to do with my life. Eh. Who knows? Here is the game plan as of right now.

* Serve an LDS Mission.

How boss would that be? I mean, I love Jesus Christ and I think service is way awesome, so that gives me the perfect opportunity to serve my Lord because I would be serving His children. Note: This also provides me a buffer with figuring out what I want to do.

* Get a big girl job.

I really don't know what I want to do when I grow up. Lately I have been thinking that I should go out and try my hand at costumes for film. Maybe I will hate it... But I have no idea! I have never tried it. That would be pretty sweet.

* Have long hair.

I think if I have long hair, people will like me more. So... I hope my hair will keep growing :)

Those are some crazy decisions I think! There is so much going on in this world, and putting myself into the workforce of that seems pretty intimidating. But all I really want to focus on right now is graduating. BFA! Sweet.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Receiving Advice

I hate receiving advice. I always like to give advice and share my thoughts, because I am always right. Unfortunately, because I am always right, I lack the ability to receive other people's thoughts and wisdom. Here is a big shout out to the tall man with the white wig that finally helped me see what I was missing. Instead of analyzing a situation he helped me realize that I need to analyze my life!! I am now really excited for the next year and I want to really focus on school and preparing for a mission. Man. Things like this can be so exhilarating!

In other news. If Caitlin is reading this... She might want to stop now before she kills me. Caitlin, my roommate, is out of town and I have been hanging out with her crazy cat. Maybe one day I got bored and painted her talons, yes, I said talons instead of claws. She now has pink talons which I sometimes mistake for being bloody or something gruesome. Anyways... This is the cat! her real name is Sophie... but to me she is the cat. I love her. She is attacking me in this picture and I am not impressed if you were curious.

Also. I loved Cowboys and Aliens and I got bangs. Yep. That is what I did this week.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Only One Hour Left...

I am sitting in the airport waiting for my plane to get ready to go!! I only have one more hour until the departure and I am pretty stoked. My family is playing it up in California and obviously I want to be there with them! I haven't flown in awhile and I feel kind of incapable at this whole airport thing.
In other news. Life is good. I am happy. I play with a small kitten once a day. People think I am mean at work. Coldplay is sounding great, like always. I sometimes miss all my friends from high school, but no one ever really talks to me.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

BARBARA! This is for you :)

What crazy times?! A lot of my friends have been doing Tumblr for all of their blogging needs. I use a Tumblr account, but in a quick post interesting things or thoughts on my mind, and I guess I use Blogspot for my more journal type entries. Ha. Like that has happened recently!!

School went really well. Don't worry, I got another scholarship, my dad is very appreciative of that one. He texted me one day just to let me know that he is proud of me and that he loves me. I loved it! I even wrote it down in my journal.

I am working two jobs this summer. I am a manager at the Stadium 8 in Providence. It is a movie theatre, and I have a gold name tag that proves how awesome I am. I am also working at the Old Lyric Repertoire Theatre Company as a stitcher and just general costume technician. It has been really good, and today I got a lot done!

Austin went on his mission today. I am surprised with how hard it has been, but mostly just because I miss my best friend. I got home from work and don't know what to do! He texted me last night before he got set apart and said that this was it for texting and see you in a few years, but my phone was in the car, and I missed it. I replied hoping something would come from it, but it hasn't. I absolutely hate not replying to things, so I wrote him a letter and mailed it off this morning explaining what had happened. I know... I am a creeper.

For all of you that are thinking, who the heck is Austin? I will let you know. Austin was my manager at the movie theatre. Way cute right? He asked me to be his girlfriend in December and we have been together since. Technically I broke up with him last Monday, but it seems as though my mom and grandma were somewhat upset at me for it. They both asked my, why would you go and do that?! But it is okay, like I mentioned, best friends. He even kissed me goodbye. But we dated for FIVE MONTHS! That is the longest relationship I have ever had. We had some really fun times too. We went and saw Wicked in Boise, we went jeeping in Moab, he tolerated my wanting to drive to Idaho just to get out of the valley, we got hot chocolate when it snowed in April, he even came with me to way boring things like school plays and weddings. When I got home from work today he had left me a box of things. He got me my favorite Pringles, Honey Mustard, a freaking amazing watch, and his hoodie... which has been soaked in cologne and it is kind of hard to wear because it is slowly making my throat close off.

Life is good. I really couldn't be happier with all of the things going on. Yeah, things are hard, but just for now. All I need is some patience and this will be somewhat of a cake walk... right?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

School Starts Monday?

What a weird break. All I did was work it seems, and I have decided that I don't want to go back to school. I mean, I will be going back to school because I think I would get shot if I didn't, but still. Working isn't so bad. I think this whole growing up thing won't be too hard in the end. Being mature? That might be more challenging, but I don't know. Who is to say? Most of the time I sell tickets in the box office at the movie theatre. If you want to go insane, please just sit there for awhile. One night during a ridiculous shift, my friend and I made this sign. It was way funny at the time.

On October 18, 2010 I deactivated my Facebook account. I won't lie. Not having Facebook has stressed me out beyond all reason. I feel like people really don't care about people unless they have it. Did I get the group invitation asking for addresses to my friend's wedding? Nope. Was I later invited? Nope. It makes me feel dumb and that I am not a real person. How rude, right? A friend at work and I were having a competition to see who could stay off of it the longest with the clause stating that the person who caved owed the other a drink and treat. I was working on Thursday, throat dry and parched, when in walks my coworker with a drink and gummy bears. I had completely forgotten about our deal and I was just stoked to have a drink. I literally jumped up and down when I realized that he had broken the deal. It was way funny! But, now I can't decide if I should join the facebook again and be another face in the swarm of more than 500 million users. Life is so hard!

I'm dating someone. How exciting am I? He is really cool, and it is really low stress because he is going on a mission this spring. I know. I am dating a young one. We went to IKEA this past week and it was so much fun. I have decided I want to be rich and have a really cool house! I mean, why not? Even if I do have to sell my furniture and rotate it every once in awhile, having something modern and really reflect who I am would be really cool. My favorite part of IKEA: eating frozen yogurt and cinnamon rolls while sitting in multiple couches talking about how uncomfortable each one is. So fun. I also really liked slamming all of the drawers and doors and having them catch themselves. Oops. Apparently some of them don't do that though...

My mom asked me to babysit Rachel this weekend. It has been a lot of fun. Mostly I just moped around home because I don't feel well, and Rachel has been out actually doing stuff. She is so cool! We watched Scott Pilgrim vs. the World last night, definitely one of my favorite movies, and we both fell asleep. This here is a picture of us from five years ago. We are so cool. She is my best friend.

I am really eager and excited for school to start. I have the smallest credit load I have ever taken, but it is going to be really intense anyways. I am still on track to graduate Spring 2012. After that I plan on going on a mission, coming back, and then going to graduate school Fall 2014. Life is going really well for me, and the Lord has been blessing me lots. All is well in Caro-land.