Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Beat Goes On

Hooplah! I am currently happy as a clam! A couple of weeks ago I was really burned out and struggling to stay alive, but after realizing that breathing is a simple activity that allows life, I have been able to focus and have a really good time with what I am doing.
All of the shows are running at the Lyric, which is awesome. Now I just pray for Blithe Spirit to run so I can get a break, lucky you Lindsay!! Thank goodness we are done building everything. I guess we're going to work on the Apprentice show next, which, technically speaking, should be pretty easy. Sometimes the apprentices do weird, unusual, and unhelpful things. Hopefully I can beat that out of them.
I would post a picture here of me doing something funny, but my camera is broken, so if anyone would like to donate any money to aid me in my search for documenting fun, please send any cash or check, made out to Caroline Kennedy, to my address. If you really want my address ask for it.
Life is good. I hope to hang out with Tom this weekend!! He's a literal rock star, so that's awesome.