Saturday, January 8, 2011

School Starts Monday?

What a weird break. All I did was work it seems, and I have decided that I don't want to go back to school. I mean, I will be going back to school because I think I would get shot if I didn't, but still. Working isn't so bad. I think this whole growing up thing won't be too hard in the end. Being mature? That might be more challenging, but I don't know. Who is to say? Most of the time I sell tickets in the box office at the movie theatre. If you want to go insane, please just sit there for awhile. One night during a ridiculous shift, my friend and I made this sign. It was way funny at the time.

On October 18, 2010 I deactivated my Facebook account. I won't lie. Not having Facebook has stressed me out beyond all reason. I feel like people really don't care about people unless they have it. Did I get the group invitation asking for addresses to my friend's wedding? Nope. Was I later invited? Nope. It makes me feel dumb and that I am not a real person. How rude, right? A friend at work and I were having a competition to see who could stay off of it the longest with the clause stating that the person who caved owed the other a drink and treat. I was working on Thursday, throat dry and parched, when in walks my coworker with a drink and gummy bears. I had completely forgotten about our deal and I was just stoked to have a drink. I literally jumped up and down when I realized that he had broken the deal. It was way funny! But, now I can't decide if I should join the facebook again and be another face in the swarm of more than 500 million users. Life is so hard!

I'm dating someone. How exciting am I? He is really cool, and it is really low stress because he is going on a mission this spring. I know. I am dating a young one. We went to IKEA this past week and it was so much fun. I have decided I want to be rich and have a really cool house! I mean, why not? Even if I do have to sell my furniture and rotate it every once in awhile, having something modern and really reflect who I am would be really cool. My favorite part of IKEA: eating frozen yogurt and cinnamon rolls while sitting in multiple couches talking about how uncomfortable each one is. So fun. I also really liked slamming all of the drawers and doors and having them catch themselves. Oops. Apparently some of them don't do that though...

My mom asked me to babysit Rachel this weekend. It has been a lot of fun. Mostly I just moped around home because I don't feel well, and Rachel has been out actually doing stuff. She is so cool! We watched Scott Pilgrim vs. the World last night, definitely one of my favorite movies, and we both fell asleep. This here is a picture of us from five years ago. We are so cool. She is my best friend.

I am really eager and excited for school to start. I have the smallest credit load I have ever taken, but it is going to be really intense anyways. I am still on track to graduate Spring 2012. After that I plan on going on a mission, coming back, and then going to graduate school Fall 2014. Life is going really well for me, and the Lord has been blessing me lots. All is well in Caro-land.