Friday, February 17, 2012


The Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival takes place every year across the country.  Utah  is in Region VIII (8, for those who can't read capitalized letters), along with Arizona, parts of California, Hawaii, and I think Guam.  Maybe Nevada is in there too, but I am not confident in that one.  I went last year and it was pretty good.  I won the Regional award in Costume Design.  So cool.  Basically it meant I got 2nd place.

This year I was a little nervous.  I had patterned a costume and there was a new category called Allied Crafts so I could compete in it.  Here is a picture of me and my board.

Really, I had the lowest expectations in the world.  I mean, I was going up against my best friend Molly, and she was doing hair and makeup design.  Honestly.  They are so different.  No one at the competition knew how they compared, we said it was like comparing apples to:  oranges, limes, grapefruit, eggs, bacon, coconut, so on and so forth.  It was fun to just keep saying random foods though.  When I was posted as a finalist I was so excited!  I had the lowest expectations, but they really like my presentation and must have thought I showed good work.

During the awards ceremony they brought all of the finalists on stage.  I was practicing my, thanks for acknowledging me for being a finalist face, but they kept not saying my name.  When it got down to it, it was just Molly and I left.  I couldn't hear a word they were saying after that.  My heart was beating so fast and I was freaking out.  I ended up getting second place!  My certificate technically says Special Recognition, but that is so cool!  I mean, I went in expecting nothing, and I actually got good feedback and positive reinforcement for something that I did.  It felt so good.

I also did a paper project and I designed a kids' show Ice Wolf.  I also considered this a whatever design because it didn't seem to be very exciting.  It fulfilled the requirements of the show, which basically was just having everyone in fur, but I was using research from high fashion and I wasn't pushing the lines on anything really.  But, I got an Honorable Mention, which means I took second!



  1. Good job Caroline! You really deserved the patterning award for the crazy-backless-fictional-Chinese-pajamas. It turned out really well!

  2. Go Number Two! You're my favorite number two, just so you know.

  3. You are the raddest #2 of all theatre time!