Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Art of Hanging

Indeed it can be said that the college years are the best years of someone's life, and I do not doubt that. I am enjoying school and everything I am doing, and yet, I feel as though I am left out. I've been watching Life on the Discovery Network and I wish that I was a meerkat. Those guys have fun and they keep it tight. If I could hang out like they do, I would! They watch out for each other, make sure that they learn basic skills, and eat scorpions. I am not saying that I want friends that eat scorpions, because maybe that is a bit crazy, but considerate friends are a necessity. My best friends live hours away or in my apartment... So I don't get out much. If I was a meerkate no one would even judge me for being at home all of the time. Perfection right?
So... How does one make people want to hang out with me? I already tried being awesome... but I failed...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Family Matters

My family matters. Definitely. Yet, I feel that I have quite a few families in this world.
My literal family is connected by DNA, flesh and bones, and some ridiculously good cooking courtesy the parental figures. Rachel had Prom, and I had the closing night of Bye Bye Birdie and so the whole family came up. I feel so blessed to live in a family that actually cares about what the other person is doing. When Rachel and her super hott date walked out for the promenade we screamed at the top of our lungs. Probably the loudest cheer all day. Thank goodness she looked so great and totally deserved all of the uproar.
Then we have my theatre family. The place where I live when I am not living at my house or apartment. I would like to emphasize my Birdie family. A family filled with tears and love. Here is a shout out to my best friends in the cast. A seventeen year old, a fifteen year old, a ten year old, and an eight year old. Odd that I could hang out with these people any day? I would have thought so too, but give my a tank of gas and I will head straight to Ogden and spend the day with these cool cats whenever I get the chance. Then I have my Utah State theatre family. Oh yes! My best friends in the world live here. I am excited to keep working and living up here for the summer.
Here is a shout out to my roommates! The girls that keep me going, and hear me rant and rave about politics, and are even my friends when I am sick or tired or riotous.
To my family of friends, my army, my rock, my fortress. Thanks for not leaving me behind on the worst ski day of my life. For coming to my shows. For giving me a ride home because you know we can talk for hours without listening to a drop of music. And most definitely for dressing up like superheros in celebrating our youth.

Monday, March 8, 2010


I have been the assistant costume designer for the USU production of Love's Labour's Lost. We went into dress on Thursday. Can you say freedom? Thus far I have done some homework, eaten food, and yes, watched movies with my roommates. It really is the simple things that make me super happy. Yet, I am kind of sad about not spending as much time in the costume shop. The costume shop is my favorite place to be. If I were told I had to be condemned to one spot forever it is very probable I would choose to spend eternity in this little costume shop I consider home. First. I have a great card game here that can keep me entertained for hours. Second. People come in and visit me all of the time. Third. People would probably be nice enough to get me food every once in awhile.